Oyo Workers Protest: Matters Arising

Oyo Workers Protest: Matters Arising

Oyo State workers’ protest has yielded a positive outcome as the state government engages NLC in discussion over salary deductions and other demands.

In a show of determination and unity, workers in Oyo State took to the streets today to voice their concerns and demands, particularly regarding salary deductions and other pressing needs.

The state secretariat in Ibadan witnessed a peaceful yet impactful protest, prompting the government to take notice and engage with the workers.

Governor Seyi Makinde’s administration responded promptly by inviting the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to a roundtable discussion, recognising that industrial actions are often the most effective means of communication between the government and its workforce.

Among the workers’ primary demands were an increase in allowances and the resolution of three months’ worth of owed deductions.

In response to accusations of six months’ owed deductions, Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Prince Dotun Oyelade, clarified that the state government acknowledged and was addressing only three months’ arrears.

He also emphasised that several other states across the country were facing similar challenges in paying salaries and deductions.

Despite facing financial constraints, Oyo State has demonstrated commitment to its workforce by implementing the N30,000 minimum wage for three years, promoting over 2,000 civil servants, and converting nearly 1,000 others to regular service.

The state government highlighted its dedication to infrastructural development, which has garnered praise from the NLC.

Governor Seyi Makinde’s prudent management of state resources has defied economic predictions, further emphasising the government’s commitment to finding a realistic and balanced solution that prioritises workers’ welfare while navigating economic challenges.

In a bid to restore normalcy and appreciate the commendable work of the workers, the Oyo State government called on them to return to their duty posts while expressing confidence in the NLC’s cooperation in seeking a mutually beneficial resolution to the salary deduction issue.

This demonstration of collaboration and dialogue indicates a positive step towards addressing the workers’ grievances and fostering a conducive work environment in the state.

Confirming the accusations to i-News Nigeria, civil servant in the state, simply identified as Kolapo, stated that they are owed three-year leave bonuses.

“The protest is to further press our needs. The governor is the type that doesn’t like engaging the civil servants. His reluctance triggered our demonstration today,” he said.

He added, “The protest is not only about salary but also some unreasonable deductions from workers’ salaries. The governor needs to fix a lot of things in the system.”

Also confirmed Makinde’s indifference to workers’ welfare, a worker in the state who preferred anonymity, stated that “prominent among the issue that pushed the workers is the inability to access loans through the state cooperative society.”

“The workers are unhappy because the governor failed to remit deductions into the state cooperative society account, and the workers are unable to access loans,” he said.

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