Beware of These Growth Blockers!

Beware of These Growth Blockers!

What are Growth Blockers?

Growth blockers can simply be described as a set of actions that makes up a lifestyle that stunts a person’s financial, mental or professional growth. Do you ever wonder why you have not progressed in your profession over the years?

Then, take a look at the following Growth Blockers:

1) LIVING IN THE PAST: You obstruct yourself from moving forward if all you do is crawl to the past. Hanging on to the past will not allow you to exploit numerous opportunities awaiting you in the future. The past is gone, learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself and others, find peace within yourself and prioritize your progress.

2) TRYING TO PRACTICE PERFECTIONISM: Perfectionists find it quite challenging to expose their flaws to the world, hence becoming too hard on themselves. They fail to understand that nobody has it all figured out. If you’re one, embrace other people’s ideas and don’t be afraid to try them out when things aren’t going your way.

3) INTOLERANCE: This point especially emanates within a group of people working together. The reason for Teamwork is to blend in various capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, thus you shouldn’t talk people down for not possessing a particular strength or ability you have. Mismanagement of conflicts and interpersonal differences can mar the process of growing and achieving success.

4) HOLDING PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR MISTAKES THEY HAVE APOLOGIZED FOR: Guilt-tripping and nagging people for mistakes they have admitted and apologized for doesn’t only make you look ‘sick’, but also gets you, along with the other party involved ‘stuck’. It makes you a barrier to making the party involved do better and then short-sights you from better things to do.


Consistency is not always enough to grow. You could be going down the wrong path consistently and then wonder what you might have been doing wrongly. Take pauses in order to reevaluate your actions and flexibility will open you to refreshed ideas and strategies with which you can do better and achieve success.

Written by James Abosede Deborah

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