Burkina Faso authorities expel two French newspaper journalists 

Burkina Faso authorities expel two French newspaper journalists 

Burkina Faso has expelled two reporters of French newspapers of Le Monde and Liberation in renewed hostilities between Paris and Ouagadougou.

The newspapers- Liberation and Le Monde- said the authorities were attempting to suppress freedom of speech by intensifying their clampdown on foreign media outlets.

Report says the expelled French journalists have since arrived in Paris, early on Sunday after they were summoned separately for questioning by the military authorities and later notified of their dismissal from the West African country.

In a statement on its official website, Liberation newspaper said the two are “journalists of perfect integrity, who worked in Burkina Faso legally, with valid visas and accreditations … We strongly protest against these absolutely unjustified expulsions”

In its part, Le Monde Director Jérôme Fenoglio said in a statement:

“These two expulsions mark a new major setback in the freedom to inform on the situation in Burkina Faso,”

One of the newspapers said its recent investigation into children and adolescents allegedly being killed in a military barracks had triggered the reaction by the Burkinabe authorities.

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The Burkina Faso authorities have not released a statement regarding the expulsions.

The latest development in Burkina Faso is a reflection of the deteriorated relations between Paris and Ouagadougou since Burkina Faso’s military seized power in a coup in September.

The Captain Adama Traore-led junta has expelled French troops from the country and suspended broadcasts by France’s RFI radio and television channel France 24.

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