By Mohammed Adamu

Some one was excitedly reporting that Obidients on Twitter are unfazed by the ‘Yes Daddy’ scandal and that by innovatively celebrating rather than bemoaning the scandal, they are commendably acquitting themselves as the victims who would not be cyber-bullied! And my reply was:

“Yes, that’s because they naively think that the whole thing is just about -cyber bullying, or some kind of childish playground contest about ‘who actually out-boos the other the most, or the longest?’ Because that has always been the greatest undoing of the Obidients -namely that naively arrogant readiness to regal even in their own mischief whenever they are caught!

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This, and that other equally naive attitude of tactlessly letting their bitterness precede their reasoning, are always the inevitable undoing of this senseless mob whenever it is entangled with its political opponents. In virtually every entanglement, Obidients have always ended up preemptively emperilling their political goals or even their eventual self-preservation.

Take the recent despicable attack on the CJN for example -or should we say the brazen assault and unwarranted blackmail of the Judiciary. Fir a political party that has just filled an electoral petition, it is, to say the least, mortally self-immolating. For God’s sake these are the guys soon to preside over your matter.
The last thing even the ‘foolishest’ team would dare to risk doing on the field of play is to brazenly and provocatively antagonize the referee!

And now to foolishly think that by regaling in the ‘Yes Daddy’ jive (with T-shirts and FaceCaps brandishing it), the cancerous gangrene of its ‘Religious War’ flip side would just heal itself, is utterly naive. Every time Obidients will dare to cyber-glamor around ‘Yes Daddy’, they will unwittingly be insinuating the repugnant flip side of an Obi, sword at hand, about to rampage the political battle field, in execution of what he claims is a “religious war”!

Obi, if he was any politically savvy, should know that what he should be hopping, is to be politically hale and hearty at least up to 2027 to give the Villa a shot again. But with such gaping chinks already being exposed so early in the armor of his cross-ethnic and interreligious appeal, you can bet that he will not have enough political goodwill to last him that long.

All it takes for example is for Tinubu to show even if the faintest spark of governance purposefulness in the first four years, and Obi is buried for good in the very debris of his own political un-clerk-liness!

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