I prayed for the highest CGPA — UNILORIN best graduating student, Simbiat Salaudeen

I prayed for the highest CGPA — UNILORIN best graduating student, Simbiat Salaudeen

Simbiat Salaudeen, the best graduating student of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State, for the 2020/2021 academic session, said she deliberately prayed to Allah for a strong CGPA, to emerge as the overall best student in her set.

The young veiled Muslim woman, who remarked that she doesn’t photographs for religious reasons, graduated from the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries with a CGPA of 4.89.

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Speaking about her academic journey and how she achieved the landmark achievement in an interview with Tribune Newspaper, the young scholar said her right attitude to work was one of her key points of focus. She added that she made sure she attended classes, read extensively and consulted widely from her senior colleagues.

Speaking on her reading pattern, Simbiat Salaudeen remarked: “I don’t read in quiet places as I realised that I need some background noise to assimilate better. As such, I can be found in crowded spots with my head in a book. Otherwise, I’d read alongside some brown noise on my phone. Also, I read better during the day and would not be found attending night classes — I tried this once and found it to be a total waste of my time.

The last one would be my pattern of reading. I tend to read like I’m reading a story. Instead of cramming, this style helps me to connect the points and make them whole. In the end, reading styles vary from one person to another.”

Commenting on how to boost Nigeria’s economy through agriculture, she said: “I believe the first way is by improving food security. A successful economy is one that has hale and healthy individuals. Agriculture can also boost the economy through the provision of jobs, trade of products, generation of foreign exchange through exports, and so much more.

However, these can only be possible when there are more people interested and actively involved in agriculture.”

She advised young people who want to achieve giant strides like her to have a well-structured plan that is specially tailored to their goals. Pray for it. Know themselves. Study effectively while using their time wisely.

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