Sudanese army, paramilitary forces resume fighting in South Darfur

Sudanese army, paramilitary forces resume fighting in South Darfur

Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have resumed fighting in Nyala, the capital of South Darfur state despite desperate calls for a ceasefire agreement.

Security sources disclosed that the army and paramilitary forces engaged in fierce battles in three Nyala areas, with both sides using heavy weapons and causing damage to many civilian homes, however no injuries were reported.

According to Sudan Tribune, the latest violence started when a group of RSF fighters attempted to infiltrate army depots in the army-controlled al-Nahda district.

There are fears that the fresh conflicts would erupt into tribal strife in the region. There have been indications of a major deployment of tribal militants in RSF-controlled areas to the east of Nyala, heightening concerns of a security collapse.

Since April 15, Sudan has experienced intense fighting in Khartoum and several states in the Darfur region between the army and the RSF, resulting in over 500 fatalities, thousands of injuries, and significant infrastructure damage.

Many countries, including Nigeria, have evacuated their diplomats, officials and citizens away from the war-torn Sudan.

The negotiations between the delegations of the Sudanese army and RSF started in Saturday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The U.S. Saudi brokered talks aim to reach a humanitarian ceasefire.

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The peace talk in Jeddah is the first real attempt to cease the fighting that has paralyzed Sudan’s administration and jeopardized the country’s political transition after years of upheaval and protests.

The peace talk was also welcomed by the Sudan’s Forces of Freedom and Change, a political grouping leading an internationally backed plan to transfer to civilian regime in the northeast African country.

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