Federal government launches web portal to engage retired civil servants

Federal government launches web portal to engage retired civil servants

The federal government of Nigeria has introduced a web portal called the Continuing Engagement Bureau (CEB) to actively involve senior citizens across the country.

Dr Emem Omokaro, the Director-General of the National Senior Citizens Centre (NSCC), made this announcement in Abuja, emphasizing that the portal aims to collect data on retired civil servants, professionals, and other individuals in order to connect them with government agencies and organizations that require their wealth of experience.

The primary purpose of the platform is to sensitize and motivate senior citizens, the private sector, and the general public to embrace the opportunities provided by this initiative, including job creation partnerships and access to the labor market.

The program primarily targets retired professionals, experts, and practitioners in various fields who are still passionate about utilizing their skills and competencies to serve their communities.

The CEB program also caters to older farmers and artisans, both in rural and urban areas, by encouraging them to register in the portal’s cooperatives. This will connect them with opportunities for productive activities and access to markets.

The NSCC is particularly excited about the CEB program as it allows senior citizens with diverse capabilities to continue participating in areas they value.

Dr Emeka Okengwu, a consultant with the NSCC, described the launch of the web portal as one of the flagship programs of the center.
He explained that the platform aims to capture, aggregate, engage, and utilize the skills, talents, and resources of retirees.

It will facilitate their connection to opportunities where they can apply their experience and skills, either through volunteering or paid employment, to make valuable and meaningful contributions to society.

The introduction of the Continuing Engagement Bureau reflects the government’s recognition of the immense value and potential that senior citizens possess.

It is not uncommon to hear myriads of complains of unfair treatment of numbers of retirees in the country as some go through stress after service to claim their dues while many have missed that rights to claim their entitlements once they die.

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