Religion: Nigerian pastor, entire family convert to Islam

Religion: Nigerian pastor, entire family convert to Islam

In a surprising turn of events, a Pastor Jethro Ajibola, along with his wife and four children, have embraced Islam.

Until his conversion, Pastor Jethro was the spiritual leader of the Christ Apostolic Church Mountain of Possibility located on New Ekiti Road in Osun State, Nigeria.

The man and his family

The conversion exercise took place on Friday at the Ebira Central Mosque in Okene, Kogi State, under the guidance of the Chief Imam of Ebira, Sheikh Salihu Abere.

The news of the pastor’s conversion has sent shockwaves through the local community, as he has been a prominent figure in the Christian faith for many years.
Pastor Jethro Ajibola, now known as Muhammad, expressed his firm belief in the teachings of Islam and his commitment to following the path of Allah.

His wife has also adopted the Islamic faith, taking on the name Aminat.

The reason for the decision is not yet revealed but decision many reverts do so on the bases of extensive study, spiritual guidance and reflection on various religious beliefs.

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