Governor Abdulrahman reappoints Rafiu Ajakaiye as spokesperson

Governor Abdulrahman reappoints Rafiu Ajakaiye as spokesperson

The Executive Governor of Kwara State, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, has officially reappointed Mr. Rafiu Ajakaiye as the Chief Press Secretary (CPS) and spokesperson for the governor.

This decision was announced today in a statement issued by the State Head of Service, Mrs. Susan Modupe Oluwole.

The reappointment of Mr. Ajakaiye as the Governor’s Spokesperson is a testament to his exceptional performance and dedication during his previous term in the role. Governor Abdulrazaq expressed confidence in Ajakaiye’s abilities and acknowledged his contributions to the administration’s communication strategy.

In response to the announcement, Mr. Ajakaiye expressed his gratitude and pledged to rededicate himself to his responsibilities as the Chief Press Secretary. He acknowledged the importance of effective communication in disseminating accurate information to the public and ensuring transparency in governance.

As the spokesperson for Kwara State, Mr. Ajakaiye will continue to serve as the primary link between the Governor’s Office and the media. His role involves conveying the government’s policies, initiatives, and achievements to the public while also addressing queries and concerns from journalists.

This reappointment is expected to strengthen the government’s communication efforts and enhance the relationship between the government and the media. It also reflects Governor Abdulrazaq’s commitment to continuity and the recognition of the invaluable role played by Mr. Ajakaiye in promoting effective communication within the administration.

The reappointment of Mr. Rafiu Ajakaiye as the Chief Press Secretary has been met with positive reactions from various quarters. Political analysts and journalists have commended Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for his decision, citing Ajakaiye’s professionalism and competence in handling media affairs.

With Mr. Ajakaiye’s wealth of experience and expertise, the people of Kwara State can expect timely and accurate dissemination of information, enabling them to stay informed about government policies and actions. The reappointed Chief Press Secretary is set to play a crucial role in maintaining transparency and fostering a strong bond between the government and the public.

As the new term begins, all eyes will be on Mr. Ajakaiye as he assumes his role as Governor Abdulrazaq’s spokesperson. The public eagerly awaits his contributions to the development and progress of Kwara State through effective communication and media engagement.

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