Heavy fighting resumes in Sudan’s capital after 24-hour ceasefire expires

Heavy fighting resumes in Sudan’s capital after 24-hour ceasefire expires

Violent clashes have been reported in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum after the Saudi-US 24-hour brokered ceasefire deal expired.

Residents say hostilities resumed at about 6 A.M. local time as the Sudanese army and rival paramilitary Rapid Support Forces exchanged fires.

Fighting re-ignited in the Sharq el-Nil neighborhood on the eastern outskirts of the capital as residents said they heard heavy sound of artillery fire.

Earlier on Saturday, uneasy tranquillity returned to Khartoum, as the warring generals of the nation accepted a 24-hour cease-fire mediated by Saudi Arabia.

Many Sudanese trapped in their home used the brief pause in fighting to stock food, medicines and other basic supplies.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry issued a warning earlier this week that the country might give up on peace talks if the parties fail to honour the Saturday truce.

Saudi Arabia and the US have taken the lead to restore relative calm between the fighting sides.

Gen. Fattah al-Burhan, the de facto leader of Sudan’s army, and Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagolo, the leader of the Rapid Support Forces, were both sanctioned by the US after the previous peace deal collapsed.

Hundreds of people have been killed while the United Nations estimates indicated that at least 1.5 million Sudanese have fled their homes since the conflict began in April.

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