June 12: Tinubu highlights democratic values, reiterates commitment to ‘renewed hope’

June 12: Tinubu highlights democratic values, reiterates commitment to ‘renewed hope’

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has highlighted some of the values of democracy.

Tinubu who spoke during his Democracy Day broadcast on Monday, emphasized the importance of valuing and safeguarding democracy as the nation’s most valuable system of governance.

He urged the citizens never to take this democratic privilege for granted but to cherish and protect it as a precious gem.

The president’s message, broadcasted on the Nigerian Television Authority at 7:00 am on Monday, highlighted the significance of recognizing the sacrifices made to secure the liberties enjoyed today.

Tinubu stated that individuals can truly understand the value of the freedoms and rights bestowed by democracy only when they experience their loss.

He also expressed his administration’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling all aspects of the electoral agreement with the people, known as the ‘Renewed Hope’ agenda.

The President vowed to govern with integrity, fairness, respect for the rule of law, and an unwavering commitment to upholding the dignity of every Nigerian citizen.

“On this year’s Democracy Day, I enjoin us all to rededicate ourselves to strengthening this form of government of free peoples that has been our guiding light these past 24 years. In particular, those of us who have been privileged to be elected into public offices at various levels in both the executive and legislative arms of government must recommit ourselves to offering selfless service to the people, and delivering concrete democracy dividends in accordance with our electoral promises,” Tinubu said.

He added, “On my part and that of my administration, I pledge anew our commitment to diligently fulfilling every component of our electoral pact with the people – the ‘Renewed Hope’ agenda.”

“We shall be faithful to truth. Faithful to equity. And faithful to justice. We shall exercise our authority and mandate to govern with fairness, respect for the rule of law, and commitment to always uphold the dignity of all our people,” President Tinubu concluded.

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