Sudan: Rival RSF fighters accused of killing West Darfur governor

Sudan: Rival RSF fighters accused of killing West Darfur governor

The Rapid Support Forces fighters have been accused by the Sudanese authorities of killing a governor in the West Darfur area as hostilities continue in the over eight-week old conflict in the north African country.

The assisinated governor, Khamis Abbakar had earlier accused both the RSF and allied militias of genocide against the Masalit ethnic community.

Mr Abbakar, who was assassinated in El Geneina, had raised concerns that attacks were spreading throughout the city and had called on the international community for quick intervention.

The RSF has not commented on the allegation raised against the force.

i-News Nigeria reported that the UN Secretary-General António Guterres had expressed his concerns over reports of widespread bloodshed in Sudan’s Darfur area earlier in the week.

According to his spokesperson, Mr. Guterres has called on all armed parties to halt fighting and commit to a long-term suspension of hostilities.

With approximately 9 million people in Darfur in desperate need of humanitarian relief and safety, he emphasized the importance of putting an end to looting that has ravaged the region and expanding access so that aid can reach those in greatest need.

Volker Perthes, the UN envoy in Sudan, also cautioned that the situation in Darfur had taken an “ethnic dimension.”

“There is an emerging pattern of large-scale targeted attacks against civilians based on their ethnic identities, allegedly committed by Arab militias and some armed men in Rapid Support Force [RSF]’s uniform,” Perthes said in a statement.

“These reports are deeply worrying and, if verified, could amount to crimes against humanity,” he said.

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