Just in: Asari Dokubo fumes, says military behind most oil theft in Nigeria

Just in: Asari Dokubo fumes, says military behind most oil theft in Nigeria

Asari Dokubo, an influential Niger Delta leader, has accused the Nigerian military of being responsible for a large chunk of stolen crude oil in Nigeria, especially in the oil producing region.

Dokubo made the accusation following a private meeting with President Bola Tinubu in his office on Friday.

He said the President pledged to investigate reports of massive oil bunkering by notorious navy commanders who are kingpins and to take decisive actions to stop the heinous behavior.

Dokubo emphasized that the way the oil thieves have gone about their illegal actions has deprived the people of the Niger Delta of their livelihood, which is a crime against humanity.

He noted further that the military’s claim that it lacks sufficient armaments to deal with instability is a form of blackmail, accusing them of handing over their weapons to criminals, which fueled uprising in the region.

The Ijaw icon has since vowed to volunteer his men to assist and take the necessary step to bring the constant theft of Nigeria’s national asset to an end.

Dokubo has repeatedly supported President Tinubu before and after the election.

He also pledged his backing for his policies including the removal of subsidy on petrol.

He recently said: “If Ahmed Bola Tinubu fails, hold me responsible. I am unapologetic,” Dokubo said.

“I have known him since 1992 and I know what he stands for, and can stand in the gap between him and the people and say this.

“This is a step (subsidy removal) my brother Goodluck failed to take when he had the opportunity.

“The same step Buhari could not take and Tinubu took it from his first day at the office.”

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