Niger State collaborates with French Republic to enhance socioeconomic advantages

Niger State collaborates with French Republic to enhance socioeconomic advantages

The government of Niger State and the French Republic have reaffirmed their commitment to enhancing their existing relationship for the benefit of both parties.

This affirmation followed a meeting between Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago of Niger State and the French Ambassador to Nigeria in Abuja.

A statement signed by Bologi Ibrahim, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Niger State, disclosed this development.

According to the statement, the diplomatic collaboration will primarily focus on areas such as education, agriculture, energy, investment, job creation, tourism, and culture.

Governor Umaru Bago, while highlighting the abundant natural resources in the state, emphasized its comparative advantage in food and cash crops.

He explained that “strengthening the relationship would undoubtedly generate employment opportunities for the youth and improve the socioeconomic status of the state.”

The governor further outlined the policy priorities of his administration, which include infrastructure, healthcare, education, and renewable energy, among others.

He revealed that his administration intends to invest in the shea butter processing of 400,000 women and other cash crops. Additionally, a state-of-the-art garment factory will be established to facilitate mass production of school, military, and vigilante uniforms.

Governor Umaru Bago also informed the French Ambassador about his administration’s plan to cultivate the habit of planting ten million trees within the next four years as part of their efforts to mitigate climate change and combat global warming.

Ms. Emmanuelle Blatmann, the French Ambassador to Nigeria, expressed the French Government’s eagerness to strengthen its bilateral relationship with Nigeria, particularly with the Niger State Government, in order to achieve mutual benefits.

She affirmed the French government’s commitment to the success of the partnership, which includes providing advanced technology and scholarships to the people.

The ambassador also highlighted that “the French Government has already invested over three billion Euros in rural electrification projects in Northern Nigeria.”

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