Pregnant woman killed by her two-year-old son – Police

Pregnant woman killed by her two-year-old son – Police

According to officials in Ohio, a pregnant woman died after being shot in the back by her two-year-old son.

Laura Ilg, 31, was 33 weeks pregnant when she contacted 911 to report that she’s being badly injured by her toddler after he got hold of her gun.

Moments after that, Ms Ilg’s husband, Alek, was said to have received a phone call from his wife, who was shouting at him to contact the police.

Ms Ilg is heard pleading for assistance and panicking in the 911 call revealed by the police.

Officers arrived at 1.14pm, three minutes after her initial contact, and forced their way into her home, according to police.

According to NBC News, Ms Ilg said to the dispatcher: “I’m upstairs. I need help.

“Is your front door unlocked?,” emergency services replied.

Ms Ilg then said: “Tell them to break in, please, hurry.”

Police said the late pregnant woman was taken to the hospital where an emergency cesarean section took place.

Ms Ilg was later pronounced dead at 5.10 p.m., less than an hour after her unborn boy died, according to authorities.

Police officers said that they had seized control of the SIG Sauer P365 gun used by the boy, as well as a shell casing and a loaded magazine, according to Sky News.

Late Ms Ilg and her husband told authorities the handgun was hidden in a nightstand in their bedroom before their son went for it.

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