Saudi Ministry of Hajj organises 47th symposium

Saudi Ministry of Hajj organises 47th symposium

The 47th Symposium on Hajj, organized by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, was successfully held on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

Muhammad Ahmad Musa, the Principal Information Officer of the Makkah Operations Office, made the announcement regarding this grand event.

Themed “The Juriprudence of Ease in Hajj,” the symposium took place in Jeddah with specific objectives in mind. In a statement issued by Muhammad Ahmad Musa, the Principal Information Officer of the Makkah Operations Office on June 22, 2023.

According to the statement, the symposium aimed to enhance the capacity of Muslims to understand, collaborate, and unite as global pilgrims through their Hajj experiences.

The primary goal was to create an environment that facilitates Hajj, providing comfort and ease, and serving as an intellectual platform for discussing critical issues that may impact the spiritual and religious journeys of pilgrims during the rituals in the holy places.

The symposium also aimed “to encourage constructive dialogues, practical actions, and the development of innovative approaches to performing Hajj rituals.”

Another objective was to incorporate a culture of innovation and technology to enhance the overall pilgrimage experience for every pilgrim.

The symposium sought to promote innovative technologies and practices that would ensure the safety, comfort, and efficiency of the pilgrimage.

The event commenced with the inauguration by Dr. Tawfiq Al Rabiah, the Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah. Distinguished individuals such as Sheikh Dr. Abdurrahman Al Sudais, the President of the Commission for the Two Holy Mosques and Chief Imam of the Makkah Grand Mosque, as well as heads of security, civil defense, and Mashaer provinces, were present. Notable attendees also included the Muftis of Tunisia, Uzbekistan, and Indonesia.

Throughout the symposium, various discussion sessions were held, addressing different aspects of the Hajj.

Participants at the symposium

The central theme of these discussions revolved around the significance of collaboration and cooperation among Hajj nations and industry stakeholders to ensure a smooth and safe pilgrimage experience for all participants.

Given the logistics involved in hosting around three million people from diverse cultures and countries, all dressed similarly and aiming to perform the same acts of worship, a comprehensive approach with meticulous planning involving various sectors of the Saudi Arabian ecosystem is imperative.

To facilitate a hassle-free Hajj, the symposium emphasized leveraging the ease provided by the Shariah in facilitating the movement of pilgrims to different locations within a span of five days.

An exhibition showcasing the latest technologies and initiatives in the Hajj industry was a notable highlight of the symposium. It featured various organizations specializing in Hajj-related services, presenting their advancements and contributions.

Representing Nigeria at the event was the Consulate-General led by Ambassador Bello Hussain Kazaure, accompanied by a delegation from NAHCON (National Hajj Commission of Nigeria) headed by Alhaji Alidu Shutti, Deputy Makkah Coordinator. The delegation also included Dr. Aliyu Tanko from the Company of Mutawwif Liason, Alhaji Ishaq Ja’e as the Assistant Saudi Liason Officer, and Abdurrahman from the Makkah Office Secretariat.

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