Cameroon kicks against proposed visit of French ambassador for gay rights

Cameroon kicks against proposed visit of French ambassador for gay rights

The Cameroonian government has kicked against the proposed visit of the french government’s gay right campaigner to the country later next week. The visit, they said, is a move to promote homosexuality which is against the law of the African country.

Jean-Marc Berthon, who leads the French government campaigns on LGBT+ rights around the world, is slated to visit Cameroon from June 27 to July 1 for an event held by the French Institute in Yaounde.

He is scheduled to preside over a conference on gender and sexual identity.

However, Cameroonian officials indicated that the planned themes for discussion would violate the country’s anti-homosexuality statute.

Cameroon’s government issued a diplomatic notification to the French ambassador in Cameroon, expressing its displeasure with the pro-gay campaigner’s visit.

The Cameroonian government, in a notice to the French ambassador, said it is opposed to all of Berthon’s planned activities, including the conference.

Although there is no official comment from the French embassy yet. Cameroon’s foreign minister, Lejeune Mbella Mbella, insisted that homosexuality “qualified as a crime of common law” in Cameroon.

Berthon’s proposed journey to Cameroon comes just weeks after Uganda passed one of the world’s strongest anti-LGBTQ legislations, allowing judges to hand down long prison sentences and even the death penalty for same-sex behavior.

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