INTERVIEW: LASU First-Class Graduate, Adeyemi Shukroh, Shares Academic Achievements

INTERVIEW: LASU First-Class Graduate, Adeyemi Shukroh, Shares Academic Achievements

Adeyemi, Shukroh Feranmi achieved an outstanding academic accomplishment by obtaining a first-class honours degree, marking only the second time in the history of the Department of English at Lagos State University (LASU) for the 2020/2021 session.

During an interview conducted by i-News Nigeria correspondent, Akeem Alao, she discussed her academic achievement, her career among others..

Could you kindly introduce yourself?

I am Adeyemi, Shukroh Feranmi. I am a certified and award-winning public speaker, content editor, corporate event host, communications practitioner and a Lagos State Youth Ambassador.

Numerous students, and even lecturers, hold the belief that attaining a first-class honours degree in English is unattainable. How did you manage to achieve this feat?

Yes, I heard a lot of hearsays when I was in 100 level that it is almost impossible to graduate with a first-class in the Department of English. I didn’t believe them. I believed that if I worked hard, I would graduate with a first-class. At that time, nobody had graduated with first-class, but at the end of my 200 level, I heard an elderly man, Mr Oladele Adejobi, in the Department would be graduating with a first-class. Then, I realised that if the man could do it, then I could achieve it, too.

I was able to achieve this feat with resolute determination and consistent hard work. I studied! I worked so hard to have A’s in my courses.

What is your area of specialization: Grammar, Phonetics, or Literature? And why did you choose it?

My areas of specialisation is Language, under which Grammar and Phonetics are. I love language because I would love to understand the ins and outs of the language as a whole. I want to be able to account for the oddities that we have in the language. I want to be a master of the language.

What were the challenges you faced during your studies, and how did you overcome them?

I faced financial challenges in terms of feeding, majorly, at the beginning of my undergraduate studies. I didn’t do anything to overcome it. I would just make sure I eat once I got back home.

At a point, I was working as a content writer in order to get money to buy my necessary needs.

Syntax, known for its complexity and the apprehension instills in students, can be quite intimidating. How did you navigate this course?

I love syntax. I love hard courses because they make me harder as a person. If you want to excel in something tough, you have to be tougher as a person. If you are not tougher than the course, you will fail it.

I cannot count the number of times I read my syntax textbooks; basically because I wanted to understand it well. I took my time to study it well so that I can comprehend it. I had A’s in all my syntax courses, yours should not be an exception.

If you are determined to be tougher and study the tough course, you will pass it.

Which lecturer(s) would you like to express your utmost appreciation to for their contributions to your success?

I am greatly indebted to all my lecturers who have imparted and impacted me; all of them entirely, and most importantly, my project supervisor, Professor Ayotunde Ayodele, who was the Head of Department when I was in final year. I can never forget that man in my life.

Adeyemi, Shukroh Feranmi

Did your department celebrate your achievements? If so, in what manner?

Yes, my department celebrated me for achieving the feat.

What are your plans following graduation?

I want to proceed with my academic pursuit.

Have you ever been victimised because of your Hajia?

Hmmm, I’m not sure of that. None that I can remember.

Did you actively participate in religious activities on campus? Which Society do you belong?

Yes, I participated in religious activities. I belong to MSSN, and I belong to some other non-religious associations, too.

What advice would you give to students in the department?

What is worth doing is worth doing well. If you must go to the university for 4 years, please go well. Take it seriously and achieve the best at the end of it, so that when you look back, you will be able to say, with your full chest, the things you have achieved during that 4 years.

Additionally, try to be the best everywhere you are and in everything you do. Let posterity remember you for something laudable.

If I can graduate with a first-class in English, then you can. Work hard to earn it.

I have also written my undergraduate story and how to attain excellence in my book titled “My Undergraduate Story: Attaining Academic Excellence” and it is free of charge for everyone. Please send me a mail if you want a copy.

Adeyemi, Shukroh Feranmi can be reached via and her Instagram handle- @theadeyemishukroh

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