Low turnout in Oyo secretariats after Sallah holidays

Low turnout in Oyo secretariats after Sallah holidays

The federal and state secretariats in Ibadan, Oyo State, have recorded low turnout after the two-day public holiday to mark the 2023 Eid-el-Kabir celebration.

According to NAN who monitored resumption of workers at the federal and state secretariats at Ikolaba and Agodi areas of Ibadan, respectively, few members of staff were at their duty posts this morning.

It was also observed that at the federal secretariat some of the offices were still locked and the complex appeared deserted with just a few vehicles at the car park.

At the state secretariat, the situation was slightly different as many offices were opened while some workers were seen exchanging pleasantries with one another.

Some of the state civil servants who spoke to NAN said they enjoyed the Sallah break because they received their salaries before the Eid-el-Kabir celebration.

Olaide Adebayo, a staff member in the governor’s office, said all state workers got their salaries before the Sallah.

“This enabled me to have money for the celebration.

“Also the holiday gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with my family and also enabled me to visit some places.”

On his part, David Bello, a correspondent of a radio station, who covers the governor’s office, said he was able to rest on Thursday after the coverage of the Eid -el- Kabir activities on Wednesday.

Mr Bello said that he resumed at work with renewed vigour and enthusiasm for the coverage of all activities at the Governor’s Office.

Also, Ngozi Madu and Mujidat Afolabi, who are federal civil servants, said that the break gave them an opportunity to attend to domestic matters.

Mrs Madu said that she couldn’t travel to visit her extended family in the eastern part of the country because of delay in the payment of salaries.

She said the low turnout of workers at the Federal Secretariat might not be unconnected to the delay in salary payment, saying many workers would rather wait till Monday morning to resume work.

Mrs Afolabi appreciated the federal government for the two days declared as a public holiday by the federal government to celebrate Sallah, saying the holiday helped her to spend quality time with her children.

She said the holiday also gave her opportunity to resolve some issues with her husband, who works in Abuja, but was in Ibadan because of the Sallah celebration.

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