ASUU condemns NUC’s alleged imposition of new curriculum

ASUU condemns NUC’s alleged imposition of new curriculum

The National Universities Commission’s (NUC) Core Curriculum Minimum Academic Standards (CCMAS) has been criticized by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

ASUU President, Emmanuel Osodeke, expressed his concerns in a statement on Friday.

He stated that the new curriculum structure poses a threat to the quality of university education and undermines the authority of university senates in Nigerian universities.

According to ASUU, it is concerning that the NUC’s pre-packaged CCMAS, accounting for 70 percent of the curriculum, is being “imposed” on the Nigerian University System (NUS).

This leaves university senates, responsible for academic program development, with only 30 percent influence.

Osodeke stated, “ASUU believes that CCMAS presents serious dangers to the quality of university education in Nigeria. It undermines university autonomy and academic freedom, principles that the Union has long advocated and fought to protect.”

“The imposition of CCMAS weakens the authority of university senates, which are legally and practically entrusted with the responsibility of reviewing curricula, conducting examinations, and awarding degrees and certificates in each university,” he added.

ASUU suspects that the imposition of CCMAS is part of the World Bank’s Nigerian University System Innovation Programme (NUSIP) strategy, which the Union had already rejected in the 1990s. Consequently, ASUU rejects the imposition of CCMAS on Nigerian universities at present.

The ASUU president described the CCMAS as a problematic model of curriculum restructuring, deviating from the norms of the Nigerian University System.

He further criticized the CCMAS documents, pointing out flaws in both the process and content, and argued that the 70 percent “untouchable CCMAS” lacks a solid foundation and cannot withstand critical scrutiny by university senates.

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