Pastor rains curses on killers of UI lecturer, Prof. Opeyemi Ajewole

Pastor rains curses on killers of UI lecturer, Prof. Opeyemi Ajewole

The President, The Men of Issachar Vision, Rev. Samson Ajetomobi has rained Biblical curses on the killers of the University of Ibadan lecturer, Prof. Opeyemi Ajewole.

Ajetomobi during the burial of the deceased in Ibadan on Tuesday lamented on the gruesome manner the late professor was killed, adding that it was not the will of God.

The cleric said it was okay to die as all men would die as stated in the scriptures because God determined man’s days.

According to him, what was not okay was killing as it is punishable by law and men.

Ajetomobi said wickedness and cruelty were factors that made men kill one another even among the intellectuals.

He however rained the curses that were recorded on the accounts of Cain and Abel, Joab and Abner in Holy Bible, Genesis 4:8 to 12, and 2 Samuel 3:29 on the killer of the deceased.

“Prof. Ajewole did not die, he was killed. God does not kill people who are serving the course that pleases him.

“I saw the blood of Ajewole on the ground and I said to it that it would cry out. Ajewole’s blood will speak.

“There are colleagues that are in rivalry with each other and nothing wastes people’s lives like cruelty and jealousy. Both the killers and planners of Ajewole would also die by blood,” Ajetomobi said.

In an interview, the Vice-Chancellor, University of Ibadan, (UI), Prof. Kayode Adebowale said the deceased had contributed in no small measure to the university.

He noted his impact while he was the hall warden at the Nnamdi Azikwe Hall, UI.

“He has touched the lives of both staff and students of the university. He is well known, in fact people do not even know his real name, we know him as Iroko. His research is in forestry products so that jelled well with his nickname.

“He has touched the lives of students particularly when he was warden of Nmandi Azikwe hall, we used to know that Nmandi Azikwe hall was very volatile, he was the one that took care of that hall,” Adebowale said.

One of the classmates of the deceased, Mr Niyi Adebayo, the Special Adviser, Budget, to the Ekiti State Governor, prayed for the family of the deceased while eulogising the virtues of the deceased.

“I was my classmate in UI, we graduated in 1989. He was one of the people who kept the class alive, very friendly and sacrificial.

“If you were missing in class, he will be the one to say that a certain student was not around, and call other people’s attention to it. You couldn’t be bored wherever he was as he was very jovial,” Adebayo said.

Professor of Social and Environmental Forestry at the University of Ibadan was killed on the 5th of June, on his way home from work by unknown gunmen.

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