President Mnangagwa warns Western countries against interference ahead August poll

President Mnangagwa warns Western countries against interference ahead August poll

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has cautioned Western countries not to interfere in the country’s upcoming elections.

Mnangagwa made the call on the same day he signed the contentious Patriotic Bill into law, which has been widely criticized by activists and political observers.

The law criminalises any Zimbabwean citizen or national caught “wilfully injuring the sovereignty and national interest of Zimbabwe” and those who participate in meetings with the intention of promoting calls for economic sanctions against the country.

While speaking at the inauguration of the new US$153 million Chinese-built Robert Mugabe International Airport, Mnagagwa stressed that the country should not be directed from outside the shores of the country.

The ZANU PF presidential candidate who is under pressure used the occasion to issue a strong warning ahead of the August elections.

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa says, “We will not as the people of Zimbabwe we will not allow the Western countries to dictate to us. We don’t dictate to them…”

“This interference from outside is unacceptable. We are a sovereign state…”

Many Zimbabweans have left the country due to economic and political challenges facing it.

The AugustPresidential election will take place against the backdrop of one of the world’s highest inflation rates and claims of an increasing crackdown on the opposition. It is expected to be the most keenly contested since the Robert Mugabe era.

Long-serving President Robert Mugabe was overthrown in 2017, but many observers believe that little has changed.

Concerns have been raised about how free and fair the poll will be in a country attempting to repair its reputation in the run-up to the election

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