Kwara declares Wednesday as work-free day to celebrate Hijra

Kwara declares Wednesday as work-free day to celebrate Hijra

Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has approved today, Wednesday, as a work-free day for workers to celebrate the first day of the Muslim Hijri calendar (the first of Muharram).

According to Rafiu Ajakaye, spokesman for Governor AbdulRazq, the announcement fulfills long-held desires of the state’s Muslim minority.

According to the statement, Wednesday, July 19, 2023, which corresponds to the first day of the Islamic lunar calendar (Muharram 1445), should be observed as a work free day in the state.

“History says the first of Muharram heralded the migration of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, from his birthplace Mecca in search of a peaceful and conducive atmosphere to practice Islam. This brings to mind the need for everyone to imbibe the lessons of patience, perseverance, tolerance, moderation, and compassion. the statement said.

The statement congratulates the Muslim community on the occasion of another lunar calendar, Hijrah 1445.

i-News Nigeria reported that the Islamic calendar consists of 12 months, each carrying its own level of familiarity among people.

While Ramadan, known for fasting, and Dhul Hijjah, associated with sacrifice, are widely recognized, Muharram remains somewhat less familiar as it also comes with various religious activities.

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