EU Envoy: Over 800 Nigerians benefited from scholarships since 2014

EU Envoy: Over 800 Nigerians benefited from scholarships since 2014

According to Ms. Samuela Isopi, the European Union EU Ambassador to Nigeria, more than 800 Nigerian youth have been recipients of the Erasmus+ Master’s Study Programme since 2014.

Ms. Isopi made this announcement during a pre-departure ceremony held in Abuja, honoring the 135 beneficiaries of the 2023 Erasmus+ scholarships for their postgraduate programs.

She elaborated that the number of beneficiaries has been steadily increasing over the years, with over 500 students benefiting since 2014 and a remarkable record of 200 Nigerian awardees in the year 2022 alone.

Isopi expressed her admiration for Nigerian students, noting that “they consistently rank among the best in the world, making them highly sought-after candidates by European universities.”

Mr. Andrew Adejo, the permanent secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education, praised the Erasmus+ programme, highlighting its prestigious reputation and significant positive impact on young individuals.

Mr. Chris Maiyaki, the acting Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), acknowledged the deep-rooted cooperation between the EU and the NUC, considering the Erasmus+ scholarship as a clear testament to this enduring partnership.

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