Sokoto completes school fees payment of over 7000 students

Sokoto completes school fees payment of over 7000 students

The Sokoto state government has successfully completed the payment of tuition fees for over seven thousand students from the state.

Alhaji Nasiru Dantsoho, the chairman of the screening committee, made this announcement to reporters during the exercise on Thursday.

According to Alhaji Nasiru Dantsoho, the decision to cover the tuition fees came after the university took action to prevent all Sokoto state students from taking their exams due to three years of unpaid tuition fees by the Sokoto state scholarship board.

In response, the state government promptly formed a committee to expedite the payment process, ensuring that the students would be able to sit for their exams.

He further explained that “Governor Alhmad Aliyu’s administration inherited a backlog of unpaid scholarship payments spanning three years, which resulted in the rejection of Sokoto indigenes by the educational institution.”

However, with the recent payment, all students from the 23 local government areas of the state have been included in the coverage.

Chairman Dantsoho expressed his satisfaction that “the state government managed to complete the payment before the University’s given deadline.”

This achievement will enable the students to sit for their exams, which are scheduled for next week.

In response to the state government’s effort, some students interviewed by Radio Nigeria expressed their heartfelt appreciation for ensuring their tuition fees were paid in full.

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