Eid-el-Adha Celebration: PAG Felicitates Muslims, Urges Tolerance, Fervent Prayers

Eid-el-Adha Celebration: PAG Felicitates Muslims, Urges Tolerance, Fervent Prayers

A socio-religious political group, Patriots Advancement for Good Leadership, also known as Political Awareness Group (PAG) felicitates the Muslims in Oyo state and Nigeria in general.

The goodwill message contained in a statement released on Saturday evening in Ibadan by its Chairman, Lukman Tunde Fasasi (PhD), thanking Allah for the grace given to some of the Muslim faithful to perform this year’s pilgrimage (Hajj) despite the socio-economic challenges facing the nation due to the ongoing socio-economic reconstruction by the present government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The statement reads: “We cannot shy away from recognising that the cost of living has skyrocketed and thus, affected some aspects of our lives including religious obligations.

“We therefore give glory to Allah for the privilege of His provisions and protection that have sustained us and given us renewed hope. We believe in His divine intervention to guide our leaders in the onerous tasks of nation-building.

“We appeal to all Muslims to celebrate the Sallah within their means and moderation in tune with Allah’s injunction and his prophetic guidelines,” Dr. Fasasi said.

The group however admitted that the nation was indeed in a trying time where faith and reliance on Allah ought to be taken seriously. The Chairman then enjoined Muslims to pray for Allah’s continuous intervention to recreate a truly sovereign nation built on brotherhood, regardless of cultural orientations and tongue differences.




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