Motorists accuse soldiers of extortion at Offa/Erinle check point

Motorists accuse soldiers of extortion at Offa/Erinle check point

Offa/Erinle check point: motorist alleged Soldiers of extortion

Contrary to the bold inscriptions written on the signposts at three different military checkpoints along offa and Erin-Ile in Kwara State which read “Gratification is prohibited” “Don’t give or take bribe”, men of the Nigerian armed forces stationed in the axis have been accused of extorting the commercial driver, particularly those plying the Ilorin-Offa road to Osogbo.

According to a report, there are five security checkpoints between the Offa border to Erin-Ile — a neighboring community.

It would be recalled that some indigenes and residents of Offa last year demonstrated against the deployment of an officer, citing that their presence continues to cause unwarranted anxiety among residents, especially the motorcyclists and small-scale traders in the region.

The officers of both the Nigerian Army and Offa-based Navy were deployed to restore peace and normalcy communal clash which led to the loss of lives and properties worthy of millions broke out between the two communities (Offa and Erin-Ile) in 2022.

Motorists claim that the soldiers stationed at the checkpoints to ensure ample security have transformed the places into commercial centers for military personnel. In another checkpoint, security operatives were reportedly extorting money from commercial bus drivers.

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A commercial driver who spoke on account of anonymity recounted that they pay between 100 to 200 naira at each checkpoint mounted by officers of the Nigerian Army and Navy.
“We pay a sum of one to two hundred naira at every military checkpoint, made payment at five different points between Offa and Erin-Ile” he said.

He expressed his frustration over not only the usual extortion by police officers but also by officials from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), who claim motorists drive without proper vehicle documents.

Another driver identify as Saka Omoba also buttressed the position of the other driver saying “we calculate the fee and the money given to the soldiers on the road before deciding on the price”

He mentioned that regardless of having valid vehicle documents, the officer would demand money for purchasing water.

As a result, drivers are compelled to raise fares to sustain their business, as they claim to pay taxes to the government and additionally settle security personnel to allow them passage on the road.

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