May 29: Our determination to uphold democratic growth is rock solid – CDS Irabor

May 29: Our determination to uphold democratic growth is rock solid – CDS Irabor

The Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor, has reaffirmed the military’s unwavering commitment to the growth and sustenance of democracy in Nigeria.

Speaking at the Regimental Dinner held in honor of President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday night in Abuja, General Irabor assured Nigerians that the military, in collaboration with other security agencies, will spare no effort in ensuring the country’s adequate security.

As part of the activities leading up to the May 29 inauguration ceremony, General Irabor emphasized that the military’s dedication to the development of the nation is resolute.
He expressed the military’s loyalty to President Buhari and the constitution, recognizing the president’s imminent departure from office.

“Our determination to uphold democratic growth is rock solid,” stated General Irabor.
The statement underscores the military’s commitment to protecting the democratic ideals upon which Nigeria’s governance is based.

It signals the military’s readiness to continue its role in maintaining peace, stability, and the rule of law in the country.

General Irabor’s reassurance comes at a critical time as Nigeria prepares for a transition of power and the inauguration of a new administration. His gigs provides assurance to Nigerians that the military remains dedicated to safeguarding the democratic processes and upholding the rights and freedoms of its citizens.

The commitment on the side of the military to the growth of democracy serves as a pillar of strength, fostering national unity and ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future for all Nigerians.

The Nigerian Armed Forces, under the leadership of General Irabor, are expected to continue working closely with other security agencies to address security challenges across the country as the incoming administration prepares to take mantle of leadership of the Africa’s populous nation.

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