Nigerian Youtube influencer tenders apology for controversial migration comments

Nigerian Youtube influencer tenders apology for controversial migration comments

Nigerian YouTube influencer Emdee Tiamiyu has issued an apology on his YouTube channel following his controversial comments to the BBC, where he implied that some Nigerians enroll in UK universities solely for the purpose of obtaining visas for themselves and their dependents.

Tiamiyu’s remarks received significant backlash on social media, with many accusing him of betraying Nigerians.

Addressing his audience on YouTube on Wednesday, Tiamiyu expressed regret for any inconvenience caused by his comments and acknowledged the pain he had caused. He also clarified that he had made positive remarks about Nigerians during the interview in question.

Tiamiyu explained that his intention for granting the interview was to shed light on the challenges faced by Nigerians both in their home country and in the UK. He emphasized that he would never have agreed to an interview that aimed to “put Nigeria to shame.”

The influencer further expressed uncertainty about how he would overcome the backlash he has faced as a result of his comments.

Tiamiyu’s remarks come at a time when the UK government is implementing visa restrictions for family members of some foreign students. This context likely fueled the controversy surrounding his statements.
While Tiamiyu’s apology was an attempt to reconcile with his audience, it has not been universally welcomed online.

Some individuals have criticized his video as “worthless” and have not accepted his apology.
The incident highlights the sensitivity and complexity of discussions surrounding migration and underscores the potential impact of influencers’ statements on public opinion and sentiment.

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