Policewoman alleges harsh detention after resignation attempt

Policewoman alleges harsh detention after resignation attempt

In a shocking revelation, a policewoman named Fauzziyah has come forward with allegations of being detained under harsh conditions by the Nigerian Police Force following her attempt to submit her resignation.

Fauzziyah took to social media , expressing her dismay at being held without interrogation, claiming that her sole intention was to resign from her six-year service.

According to her, her resignation letters were consistently disapproved, and instead of being interviewed as summoned by her superior, she was ordered to be detained, tried, and ultimately dismissed.

During her detention, Fauzziyah detailed the distressing circumstances she endured. She revealed that she had been denied the opportunity to change her clothes or sanitary pad since her detainment.

She expressed her exhaustion, severe migraines, and a deep sense of hopelessness.
Fauzziyah mentioned that her mother was advised to plead for her to continue working, but she stressed that after six years of service, it should be fair to allow individuals to leave if they no longer wish to stay.

Fauzziyah highlighted her generally easygoing nature and emphasized that this was her first encounter with such an unjust situation.
Responding to Fauzziyah’s allegations, the Lagos State Police Spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, clarified that her detention was a result of her absence from duty without proper approval. Hundeyin stated that she would face trial for being absent for 21 days without leave and for making false claims against the force.

Hundeyin further explained that until an application for resignation is processed and a discharge certificate is issued, an individual remains a serving member of the force and is bound by the rules and regulations. He pointed out that Fauzziyah had been absent from duty for over a month, disregarding the agreed conditions of service. Her detention was intended to initiate an orderly room trial, providing her with an opportunity to explain herself before a final decision was reached.

The conflicting accounts presented by Fauzziyah and the police force shed light on concerning issues related to the treatment of officers seeking to resign from the Nigerian Police Force.

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