White House West Wing discovers cocaine stash

White House West Wing discovers cocaine stash

The Secret Service announced on Wednesday that a white powder found in the White House’s West Wing, which led to a brief security alert, has been identified as cocaine.

Initially treated as a potential threat, the discovery of the powder on Sunday prompted a temporary evacuation.

According to a report, the substance underwent an initial test conducted by the Washington, DC, fire department, “confirming it to be cocaine rather than a dangerous substance or an intentional attack.”

This revelation sparked widespread speculation in the US media regarding the identity of the individual responsible for leaving the illicit drug.

President Joe Biden and his family were not present in the White House over the weekend.

Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesperson for the US Secret Service responsible for safeguarding the White House, confirmed the substance as cocaine, stating that their “investigation remains ongoing”.

According to reports from US media outlets, the cocaine was found on the ground floor of the West Wing, encompassing vital areas like the Oval Office and other critical facilities.

It was reportedly discovered in a designated zone where visitors participating in White House tours are instructed to deposit their cell phones for security purposes.

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